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“The level of service at  AMERICAN EAGLE COACH  is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of Jack and his company. We have used other charter companies in the past but when we discovered  American Eagle Coach, our search for a safe, reliable , friendly  Charter Service was over!  We now use American Eagle Coach exclusively! "   Thank you Jack & Pam!
Joal  Levinsky - The Village Art Club
We received the following letter from Rodney Rocker of Mt Ararat Metropolitan Baptist Church in Leesburg, Fl. on April 26, 2010;
    "Dear Jack,
             Let me take this opportunity to express my appreciation to you and your wife, Pam, for your courteous and professional service rendered on our bus trip yesterday. I am thankful that both of you took the time to make sure that every detail was completed prior to departure and that resulted in our trip being completed without any problems. It is great to know that your company is still concerned about the "customer service" it renders in conducting business. Several of our members commented about how the driver ( Jack) treated them with such compassion and concern that they felt like they were really special. There were also numerous comments about how the bus ride turned out and they were extremely comfortable on the bus. Jack, I would like to personally thank you for your patience in dealing with the "mature" members of our congregation. I have heard nothing but favorable reviews regarding the trip and will definitely utilize your company on future trips. Thanks again for providing such warm, compassionate and professional transportation services."
               Rodney Rocker Sr., Chairman
               Trustee Ministry
"When we are in need of a Motorcoach company we always call on American Eagle Coach, we do not even consider calling anyone else because American Eagle Coach is Reliable, Professional & Courteous, their Coach is always spotless and has the most comfortable ride we have ever experienced!  If you want the best in Motorcoach service, I highly recommend that you call on American Eagle Coach" 
Pam Miller
Harbourview Elem. School, Summerfield, Fl
"Our group chose American Eagle Coach to take us to Washington DC recently and the trip ran like a well oiled machine!  We could not have asked for better service or a more comfortable ride. We do many trips all over Florida and across the country and are now using American Eagle Coach exclusively  for all of our trips.
UPDATE: ** 8/1/10**  We now have two more trips to Washington DC scheduled with American Eagle Coach!
NOTE: The other two trips to D.C. were GREAT! 
Thanks Jack & Pam
Pam Dahl  -  Tri County Tea Party Group
The Villages, Fl.
" We have been using American Eagle Coach to do our annual, 4 day Science Fair trip, as well as several summer trips each year, for four years now. We simply cannot find another Charter Bus Company that offers the outstanding service and reliability that American Eagle Coach does. Jack is the very best driver that we have ever had and if you are lucky enough to get him as a driver for your trip you will be very pleased indeed! We highly recommend Jack and his company to anyone in need of a Charter Bus, we would travel anywhere with him! 
Jackie Ballas -  Science Dept., Marion County School Board
Ocala, Fl.
" American Eagle Coach has taken us down to Key Largo for Three years in a row now and has done an excellent job! Their service is great and the coach is a joy to ride in. We highly recommend  American Eagle Coach  to other schools as well as any other group that wants to take a trip! 
Susan Wolf - Tavares Middle School
Tavares, Fl.
June 2010
We recently contracted American Eagle Coach to take us to Atlanta, Ga. for our first ever family reunion. Jack & Pam were a joy to travel with and they catered to our every need during our 4 day trip. They truly made our first reunion one to remember and we will definitely be calling on them again next year. Their coach is the most comfortable one any of us has ever ridden in and we arrived at our destination very relaxed and ready for all of our activities. We highly recommend American Eagle Coach to anyone that has travel plans!!
Cecilia Smith 
The Williams Family - Ocala, Fl.
July 2010
After speaking with one of the Williams family members about their experience with American Eagle Coach, we also decided to use them for our family reunion. Ironically our trip was also to Atlanta. Our Hotel was located in downtown Atlanta and we visited several attractions in the downtown area. Jack & Pam were very accommodating, making sure that we arrived at every destination on time. Their Coach was very easy to ride on and, even though we traveled in the hot summer time, the coach kept us very cool and comfortable.
     We are now firm believers in American Eagle Coach and, like the Williams Family, we will definitely be calling on them again, we highly recommend that you call on them for your travel needs as well, you will be glad that you did.
Tammy Thomas
The Washington Family - Citra, Fl.
July 21, 2010
  After having THREE  charter bus companies (The Big Guys from Orlando) cancel on us without notice and at the last minute, we were directed to American Eagle Coach to see if they could help us out at the last minute. Jack & Pam not only came to our rescue and agreed to do our trip with only a few days notice, but they gave us a great rate as well!
   The trip was for our youth group at church and took us way up in the mountains of West Virginia. Jack told us that we climbed one of the steepest grades in the country called "Fancy Gap", but all of the hills seemed pretty steep to us. The coach climbed them all and we had a very successful trip. The Coach was very comfortable, smooth riding and, most of all, COOL in the hot temperatures of July!  By the end of the trip we all felt like Jack & Pam were part of our church family, they are very easy to get to know and easy to travel with, Jack's driving was impeccable and he made us all feel very safe.
   If you have any plans to travel anywhere by motorcoach, we definitely recommend American Eagle Coach hands down over any other Charter Bus Company, they are very reliable, prompt and friendly, you will think of them as family by the time your trip is done. Thanks Jack & Pam and we will see you again!! 
Chris Newton
First Methodist Church of Mt. Dora
Mt. Dora, Fl.
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